Welcome to Reception

We have had a wonderful two days, welcoming some of our new Reception children. The children have been exploring all the indoor and outdoor areas with excitement and have enjoyed meeting their brilliant Y6 buddies (and class bears).

We can’t wait to see the rest of you next week. If you can’t remember your start date or time, please contact the office for confirmation.

Thank you for all the hard work and care you have taken with the ‘all about me’ boxes. They’ve really helped us get to know each other.

We have been impressed by all the good manners shown by the children throughout the last couple of days – especially at snack time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Shipley

1 thought on “Welcome to Reception

  1. What a great couple of days RS-you all seem so very happy and chilled on the outdoor sofa. I am so impressed that Mrs Shipley is already commenting on how polite you are.
    I look forward to learning more about you when you share your special box.

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