End of Reception

An Early Harvest

Back in April (blog post 23rd), we planted our potatoes. Over the last three months, the children have cared for the plants by taking it in turns to water them. We noticed last Friday a little potato peeping through the soil. So on Tuesday, even though the plants have not yet flowered, we decided to harvest the potatoes. What a haul we had!

After spending some time being intrigued by the worms and slugs in the soil, we then counted the potatoes, noticed their colours and shapes and grouped them into sizes.  After a thorough washing of hands, we cleaned and boiled them so the children could enjoy the fruits of their labour. Interestingly, many said and wrote that they tasted like popcorn!

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to our families, who celebrated Eid ul-Adha this week: the festival where Muslims remember the prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah.

The children were excited to share their experiences and we learnt how they prayed at the mosque before sharing time, food and gifts with their friends and families. Parents also explained the importance of giving to charity as part of the festival.

Thank you to Riaab for showing us a photo of his smart clothes.

Happy birthday

We sang Happy Birthday to Emaan, Ysabella and Matthew, who will celebrate being 5 during the holidays. They are all hoping for chocolate birthday cakes. Have lots of fun!

Thank you

Finally, a big thank you from me to all of the children. You have been such a wonderful class and have coped so well with all that this year has thrown at you. I have been blessed to learn alongside you and will miss you very much. Luckily, it’s only a few steps for me to look in on you next year with Mr Cosgrove. Thank you too to parents for all of your support in what I know has been the most challenging of years for many families and thank you for your kind messages over the last few days – they are very much appreciated.

Have a brilliant summer.

Mrs Shipley

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