Bye-bye Butterflies

It has been lovely to hear about the children’s adventures over half term.

When we returned to the classroom, the children noticed that the chrysalides in the butterfly habitat were empty. A letter from Betty explained that her butterflies – Beatrice, Bryan and Bertie – had emerged last week so had been released. Luckily, she sent us some beautiful photos.

We were invited to the release of one of the butterflies from the other Reception classroom. We sang a fun song about caterpillars and butterflies – I wonder if the children can sing it for you? – before Mrs Willis very gently lifted the butterfly out of the habitat. We all waved the butterfly on its way. Mrs Willis then pointed out the moth cocoons in the tree, which we may have mistaken for spiders’ webs or stray candy floss. Thank you, Mrs Willis.

Tiny Apples

A visit to our class tree revealed that tiny apples have started to form. The children demonstrated their learning from last half term when they suggested that the apples would need more sunshine and water to grow bigger.

Frog Life Cycle

We also visited our very clean (thank you, Mr Amblin) school pond. The children were excited to observe the tadpoles swimming up to the surface of the water. We compared the life cycle of our butterflies with that of frogs. Most agreed that being a froglet would be the most fun part of the cycle!

Sports Day Practice

On Thursday, we had our first Sports Day practice. The children were excited to sit with their fellow house mates and we started to think about what we need to do to have an enjoyable and successful sports day: listen to instructions, support each other and try our best! We had lots of fun.

Floating and Sinking

As an introduction to the story, ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’, we have been exploring floating and sinking. As scientists responding to Mr Gumpy’s letter, we predicted how many animals we thought that our boat could hold before it sank. We then conducted an experiment to test our predictions and replied to Mr Gumpy with our findings. He very kindly sent us a copy of the book to enjoy.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend – I hope the children can explore floating and sinking with you at home.

Mrs Shipley

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