Thank you to everyone who talked about snails with their children last weekend. They were buzzing to share their knowledge when they arrived at school on Monday. We admired ‘The Snail’ by Henri Matisse – please ask the children how the French say snail – before working collaboratively in pairs to create our own fabulous collages. The children then presented their work to their peers, who posed as visitors to our Art Gallery.

We have also had snails in the classroom. Much to the delight of the children, this cheeky snail escaped from its habitat onto the table, enabling us to have a really close look at its features (and slime!). Some of the children chose to make pencil crayon drawings of snails. Some made super fact books. I wonder how many facts they are able to recall for you.


Because our chrysalides had hardened over the weekend, Betty Butterfly sent us instructions on how to rehouse them from their cosy cup to a butterfly habitat. We learned that it is very important to remove the silk web and fross surrounding chrysalides so that butterflies do not become entangled when they emerge. Entangled was a new word for us. We became entangled in rope so we might better understand how any webbing might prevent a delicate butterfly from opening its wings. We patiently await the emergence of our butterflies.

Thank you to all of the children for their kindness, sense of adventure and hard work this half term and to you for all of your support. I hope you all have a super break. Please encourage the children to read their reading books a few times (to develop fluency and comprehension), share their library book and practise their letter and number formation. 

Have fun.

Mrs Shipley

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