Observing plants and animals

Our Caterpillars

We were all very excited to arrive at school on Monday morning and discover that Betty Butterfly had asked us to look after her caterpillars, which had recently hatched from their eggs. Betty had left them with some food and asked us to keep her informed of their progress. We have noticed that the caterpillars grow longer and fatter each day. They are very active during the day and we tuck them into their bed at night because we know that being warm is important for their growth. Written and illustrated reports have been sent to Betty about the silk webs that the caterpillars have spun. We learned that the webbing would prevent the caterpillars from being blown off leaves if they were in a more natural environment. Please ask the children to talk to you about the caterpillars’ exoskeletons. Caterpillar models were also created for Betty in our DT workshop. It is very exciting to arrive at school each morning and discover that Betty appreciates our updates and writes back to us. We await the next phase of their life cycle in the coming week or two.

Our Bean Plant

Every morning, we measure the growth of our bean plant using multilink cubes. The children predict how many cubes higher it will be than the previous day. We also notice how the leaves are developing and how many more are emerging.

Mousey’s Apple Tree

After our successful imitation of ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ last week, we have spent the last few days innovating. The children collaborated with enthusiasm to create and illustrate their own book – ‘Mousey’s Apple Tree’. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as they enjoyed developing their wonderful tale.

Have a lovely weekend. Eid Mubarak to all of our families who are celebrating. We look forward to seeing any photos and talking about Eid on Monday.

Mrs Shipley

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