In maths this week, we have been considering the properties of 2D shapes. The children have noticed how many sides the shapes have and whether those sides are the same length for some or all of the examples. We looked at images containing lots of shapes and then practised our fine motor skills by cutting out shapes, which we used to create some super pictures ourselves.

The children have been watering our bean plant diligently so they were delighted to return to school after the Bank Holiday and see signs of a growth – a small shoot. They were also thrilled to see their individual bean plants starting to sprout and have had some wonderful, if competitive, conversations about growth!

Thank you to everyone who joined me for parent consultations this week. Your support is much appreciated.

Have a fun weekend. I am already excited about next week as we have some very special, hungry visitors joining us on Monday. I wonder if the children can guess what they might be.

Mrs Shipley

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