What gorgeous weather we have enjoyed in our first week of the Summer term!

We introduced our topic of ‘Growing’ by asking the children what they knew about potatoes, where they come from and what they might need to grow. Mrs Ajith kindly baked some for us to enjoy at snack time.

We were impressed to discover just how many children have planted fruit and vegetables at home, which is great as we will be competing against the other Reception classes in growing potatoes. Thank you to Mrs Willis – who is an expert in the garden – for coming to guide us in planting our seed potatoes. We learned that, as the plant emerges from the soil, roots will spread and potatoes will start to form. The children chose a sunny spot in the outdoor area, where we hope our plant will flourish. They will take turns to water it and we look forward to a bumper harvest of potatoes before the end of term.

The children also helped to make their own pots with newspaper before planting a runner bean seed each just like the character in Jasper’s Beanstalk. We discussed how the gardening tools in the story are used, considered how worms are good for the soil but how slugs and snails like to eat plants. We will be keeping a diary to record the progress of our beans.

I hope the fine weather continues into the weekend so we can all have fun outdoors.

Mrs Shipley

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