Holy Week

Our focus in Holy Week has been on the Easter story. We recalled our Nativity performance, where we celebrated the birth of Jesus. We learned that, as Jesus grew up, he became very popular and well-loved because he was kind and taught people many things. However, this led to some powerful but unkind people becoming jealous and angry. One Sunday, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem for a feast for Passover – a Jewish festival. The crowd of people laid palm branches at his feet. Those who welcomed him hoped that he would get rid of the Roman rulers. Ever since, people have waved crosses made from palm leaves on the Sunday before Easter – Palm Sunday.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was punished for being popular and he was nailed to a cross on a day we now call Good Friday. Instead of being angry, Jesus prayed for the people who put him there and he forgave them. When Jesus died, his disciples and friends were very sad.

On the next day – Holy Saturday – Jesus’ body was taken to a tomb. His best friend – Mary Magdelen – and some other friends saw where the tomb was and they sat outside, noticing that a huge stone was placed over the entrance. The following day, the friends returned to the tomb and noticed that the stone had been removed and the tomb was empty apart from Jesus’ clothes. They could not believe it and were frightened but an angel said, ‘Do not be afraid. Jesus has risen and he is alive again’. We learned that this was called the resurrection.

Mary then saw a man in a garden and it was Jesus. He asked Mary to tell everyone he was alive again but no one believed it until they saw him. For the next seven weeks, Jesus told everyone to spread the word about the miracle of his resurrection. Then he went to join his Father, God, in Heaven.

Since then, we have remembered the sacrifice Jesus made for us on Easter Sunday. We noticed the crosses on our hot cross buns before enjoying their fruity deliciousness.

We also made Easter cards and chicks, which the children are looking forward to sharing with you.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Easter break. Thank you for all of your support this term.

Mrs Shipley

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