The world outside of our window

This week we have been thinking about people around the world, who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

We learned that our classroom toilet is twinned with a latrine in South Sudan, Africa. Maddie was able to find Africa on our globe. We heard a story about an African girl called Rachel. She was very poor and her village had neither bins nor toilets. Consequently, the villagers were often sick. Some kind visitors came to the village and helped to build toilets. Rachel and her friends no longer suffer with tummy bugs and they can concentrate on their school work, which they love. We talked about how lucky we are to have indoor toilets in our school and homes.

To support Comic Relief, we shared jokes and had egg and spoon races. We also spent time thinking about how important it is to help others whenever we can. Thank you for your generous donations.

Do you believe in magic? This week, we have watched magic tricks, witnessed dickie birds flying away and had a magic light in the classroom. We discovered that, by rubbing prime colours together, we can magically produce secondary colours. The children had some wonderful ideas about what they might do if they were magicians. We then started to explore ‘Magic Train Ride’ by Sally Crabtree. The train took us into the jungle, underwater, outer space, a magic wood, the land of cakes and fairyland.  Next week, we will be thinking about where our magic train ticket might take us.

The weather has enticed us all outside this week and the children have risen to our skipping challenge with some earning their first certificates. Well done!

Thank you to Roham and Daniel for sharing their excitement about Persian New Year – Nowruz. We learned that it is an ancient Spring festival – celebrating the end of Winter and the rebirth of nature – which starts tomorrow morning and lasts for 13 days, Here’s Roham painting some eggs, which he will enjoy eating later. Happy new year!

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Mrs Shipley

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