Whit woo

Well, it wasn’t quite the Owl Babies week that we had hoped for but I am so grateful to you for all the efforts you have made at home to ensure that the children enjoyed the activities we have sent through. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback. Thank you.

The children’s art work has been so impressive. Maddie made a wonderful roost for her owl family using cardboard, sticks and feathers. Phoebe drew a detailed picture – just look at those zigzag feathers! And, she proposed that all owls be called ‘hootlings’. Eli used a range of materials to give texture to his colourful owl. Emma, too, used texture effectively to create two quite different but stunning owl models.

On ‘No Pens Wednesday’, the children were challenged to discuss the feelings of the Owl Babies. Phoebe and Eli present to us their happy, shocked, worried, hopeful and relieved expressions. Very convincing and impressive!.

There was also evidence of some wonderful repeating patterns in kitchens as the young chefs took the opportunity to produce some healthy and delicious looking food.

One of the maths activities invited the children to check a suitcase for specific numbers of items that owl had on his packing list. Take a look at what Matthew and Harry filled their suitcases with.

New YouTube stars – Mrs Willis and Mrs Johnston – have been inspiring the children with their Phonics videos. Meanwhile, Olivia looks quite rightly proud of her progress with sounding out words. Emma chose some actions as well as objects to demonstrate her learning of ‘nk’; I think my favourite is ‘stink’.

Well done and thank you, everyone. We do appreciate your support.

Have a well-deserved rest this weekend.

Mrs Shipley

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  1. My goodness RS you have been so busy. I love your creativity, cooking, suitcase antics and huge smiles throughout. Thank you for keeping up with your learning so enthusiastically.
    Mrs J

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