‘A gruffalo? What’s a gruffalo?’

The week commenced with us considering carefully the setting in The Gruffalo. After putting on wellies and pulling up hoods, we ventured outside into the woodland for a ‘stroll’ – our word of the week. We did lots of noticing and wondering. When we discovered a hole in a tree, one of the children suggested that the woodpecker – spotted in The Gruffalo – had ‘pecked it’. Another thought it might be ‘the entrance to a fairy house’. What wonderful ideas! Magnifying glasses helped us to examine the worms, plants and trees. We heard the birds singing (as well as a motorbike and children playing). We considered the different textures of the bark on the trees and we noticed that the green leaves were a lot smoother than the brown ones. As we entered the denser depths of the woodland, we encountered the mouse, Owl, Snake and Fox before finally spotting the Gruffalo. At that point, our stroll became a run. We were glad the Gruffalo didn’t catch us as someone had suggested that his favourite food is ‘child cupcake’!

Our value of the fortnight is ‘joy’ and we considered the joy that mouse felt at the end of The Gruffalo when he sat down to enjoy his nut. RS found joyful moments in ‘wearing wellies’, ‘holding a worm’, ‘eating fruit’ and ‘playing with friends’. We considered how joy is linked to kindness and there were many instances this week – from sharing resources to celebrating each others’ successes – where children brought joy to others through their kind acts. You make me very proud RS!

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