Problem solving outdoors and sharing stories indoors

We have all enjoyed the rather mixed weather this week and the children collaborated to solve problems in the outdoor area. We considered:

  • how we might make the ball travel more quickly down the guttering
  • how to build a police car and an ice-cream van from wooden blocks
  • which toy could move the sand most easily
  • whether a spoon or a scoop was most efficient for filling a bucket with sand
  • how we could more easily balance on one foot
  • where the best spots are for hiding and
  • how long it might take the worm to wriggle across to the compost area.

Indoors, the focus has been on stories. After reading ‘A New Home for a Pirate’ by Ronda Armitage, the children wanted to make eye patches and embark on their own pirate adventures. We looked through telescopes to find objects starting with the sounds we have been learning in Phonics and some of us bravely walked the plank.

The children were excited to choose books to bring home in their new book bags – I hope you enjoy sharing them together over the weekend.

1 thought on “Problem solving outdoors and sharing stories indoors

  1. Lovely activities. Flynn lives doing all those things, hopefully he wasn’t shy and showed what he already knows

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